The Digital Deal is...

An integrated process that combines several software components embedded in the DMS to create, transmit and store a complete digital loan package that is processed and potentially booked in real time by the lender.

The Digital Deal Vision...

A true, paperless process from deal construction and contract validation to eSignature and automated funding. Dealers send a completed digital loan package to the lender that is free from errors, contains the correct forms and disclosures and is validated against loan program rules. The lender books the deal in real time (or very quickly) and initiates funding. Held offerings with contract problems and re-contracting are a thing of the past. The entire process is fast and smooth. Dealers can concentrate on selling cars and F&I products while lenders can concentrate on approving loans—not fixing problems.

The Digital Deal Benefits...
  • Correct disclosures for compliance
  • Real-time or near real-time contract booking & funding
  • Eliminate receiving contracts overnight
  • Eliminate scanning and keying in data from paper contracts
  • Virtually eliminate held offerings, contracts-in-transit and re-contracting
  • No more paper!
  • Eliminate physical limitations for scaling business volume
  • Improved customer satisfaction (CSI)
  • More time available for working with customers
The Digital Deal Eliminates Paper Contracts...

Instead of handling paper contracts with the associated trials and tribulations, The Digital Deal automates the loan process. The digital loan package is:

  • Complete
  • Correct
  • Compliant
  • Validated against Lender Program Rules

If you're already booking contracts from images of signed paper,
you're ready for The Digital Deal.