The Digital Deal Advantages
  • Enforces contract compliance
  • The digital loan package is complete with all required disclosures, supporting documentation, forms and signatures
  • The digital loan package is the deal that you're approving
  • Data and images received with error-free consistency between documents
  • Eliminate held offerings, cash tied up in contracts-in-transit and re-contracting
Benefits to the Lender
  • First submittals can be booked a high percentage of the time
  • You’re approving the deal based on the package in front of you, not on a phone call
  • Real-time contract submission—eliminate receiving contracts overnight and scanning data
  • Automated processing is easily scalable to expand loan volume
  • You can “turn and burn” more deals every day without staying late
Implementing The Digital Deal

The Digital Deal provides the most benefit when the entire process is implemented from start to finish. In some cases, it’s not feasible to transition to the entire process at once and a staged implementation fits your business model. While every lender’s needs are unique, we have general guidelines for a staged implementation.

The Digital Deal was designed with flexible implementation in mind. Our Sales Team will work with you to understand your business and prepare a tailored implementation plan that meets your needs. Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirements.