Dynamique Auto Dealer Solutions Inc. Adds Provider Exchange Network (PEN) Integration

Dynamique's Open Dealer Management System platform (ODMS) is the cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS) platform that has added real-time integration with the Provider Exchange Network (PEN), enabling dealers to use powerful F&I product rating, contract preparation, and contract origination tools without ever leaving the DMS. This key integration is among the many seamless, real-time connections that make Dynamique's ODMS so critical to auto dealers looking to reduce the time it takes to complete a sales transaction and increase dealer profitability.

CARMEL, Ind., April 20, 2012 – Dynamique Auto Dealer Solutions Inc. today announced the integration of Dynamique's Open Dealer Management System platform, a cloud-based Dealer Management System (DMS) with a key auto industry partner, Provider Exchange Network (PEN), a division of Open Dealer Exchange, LLC.

With this release of Dynamique's open DMS, dealers can now seamlessly offer electronic contracting solutions by utilizing the PEN integration from within the cloud-based platform. These integration points give dealer staff fully integrated F&I product rating, contract preparation and contract origination for PEN-enabled providers without ever leaving the DMS. Sales Edition solves the problem of dealers manually opening up multiple windows, logging in to separate websites, and entering redundant data in order to get the information necessary to close deals.

"Dynamique's Open DMS platform is expected to redefine the DMS marketplace by providing dealers a comprehensive, real-time technology platform rather than a traditional DMS", said Gary Gummig, President and Chief Brand officer of Dynamique Auto. "Dynamique's Open DMS platform puts dealers in control of their data, and empowers them to decide vendors they want to do business with and how their DMS data should be shared with those third parties."


About Dynamic Auto Dealer Solutions, Inc.

Dynamic Auto Dealer Solutions, Inc. is an innovative provider of cloud-based software for the auto dealer industry, including franchised, independent, new, and used auto dealerships. Dynamique's Open Dealer Technology Platform leverages an integrated database and powerful Internet technology to deliver meaningful solutions - critical information and robust insights to help dealers effectively respond to business challenges, capture new opportunities, and increase revenue per customer. For more information about Dynamique Auto, please visit http://www.DADSdms.com.

Media Contacts: Gary Gummig, Dynamique Auto Dealer Solutions Inc., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (317) 660-8061

About Open Dealer Exchange, LLC

A joint venture between CDK Global™, LLC and The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, Open Dealer Exchange is a technology leader within the automotive F&I process for connecting lenders and F&I product providers with their dealer partners throughout the United States and Canada. By providing a direct connection into the dealership's main network — the DMS — Open Dealer Exchange virtually removes the need for the dealer to leave their system-of-record during the F&I process. This innovative process results in increased operational efficiencies, reduced contract errors, and a more streamlined process with a lender or provider's franchised dealerships. For more information on Open Dealer Exchange and its divisions, please visit www.opendealerexchange.com.